Friday, November 12, 2010

Oh, wah

The heels in my Go with the Flow socks are going.  They are made from Cherry Tree Hill Supersock Solid which is 100% merino.  No nylon.  No silk.  Just wool.  I checked my other Cherry Tree Hill socks, the Diagonal Cross Rib and the Embossed Leaves, and while they are not holey, they are on their way.  Lesson learned:  knit socks with sock yarn that has been reinforced with nylon or silk (but not acrylic).  Please.  Save the 100% wool sock yarn for shawls (which will remember their blocking better without the nylon anyway.  Ask me how I know.)

So.  What do YOU do with holey socks?  The cuffs and legs are still good, and I worked so hard on these that I think I may frog them back a bit, then convert them into fingerless gloves or mitts.  Or I might just save the yarn for a future crackghan.  After a proper period of mourning, that is.


LizzieK8 said...

Darn them. Videos on YouTube!

Abby said...

I would darn them, Lizzie, but the entire soles are wearing out as well.