Saturday, June 07, 2008

Brain Fart, Part Two

I've been working on the One Skein Baby Cardigan, getting near the end of the knitting part, and wondering why I have so much yarn leftover. Well, duh, the Caron Simply Soft Brites yarn comes in 6 oz. skeins. The last time I made this sweater I used Lorna Laces which I think came in a 4 oz. skein. Also, last time I had newly returned to knitting and was still working on keeping a consistent gauge. I used up almost all of that first skein, but this time there will be plenty leftover, for... Baby Surprise? I bought four skeins of the Caron, all Brites, which could contribute to quite a lively colored sweater.

The Big Bad Baby Blanket is done, except for weaving in ends. (No pix because it's a dark and stormy day.) It is in a superwash merino, soft and springy, which is way different than the Caron acrylic, which while soft, is not springy. In fact, it feels kind of petroleum-y, if you know what I mean. I am not a yarn snob, and I frequently choose acrylic or acrylic blends if I want to keep costs down (like for afghans) and/or if the result needs to be very machine washable (like baby items). But some yarns are simply more enjoyable to knit and crochet than others.

The all-employee event I mentioned in my previous post went well. It was a cross between a picnic and a carnival, and very well organized. But the weather was hot and humid. I sat under the beer tent and knit with the Rowan Denim cotton, which turned out to be a good choice.

The next day a co-worker (one I don't know very well) commented on my knitting at the picnic:

K: You looked so funny knitting!

Me: ???

K: I don't know, it just looked funny.

Me: inane comment on the weather

I should have said, "Well, you know, knitting is the new black," but I didn't think of that until about six hours later.

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Toni said...

Just once wouldn't it be great to think of those great comebacks AT THE TIME rather than a day later?

Actually, I've never had anyone say anything odd about knitting. My favorite was the technician doing my car emissions test--he went in to the van, came back out and took one look at me with my knitting, and said, "Knitting?!!! I didn't think I was THAT slow!" Totally cracked me up.