Wednesday, June 25, 2008

It's Too Haaaaard!

The other night I wanted to knit, but I was tired and tired of Sitcom Chic, the Embossed Leaves socks would require too much concentration, and I still did not feel like seaming the One Skein Baby Cardigan. Everything seemed too difficult.

So I started something new that is all garter stitch, all the time. The Tropical Treat blanket involves some yarn wrangling - two types of yarn, four colors, knit two strands at a time - but otherwise is good for mindless knitting.

The pattern is from Lion Brand, as are the yarns, BabySoft in "Pastel Blue" and "Bubblegum" and Microspun in "Mango" and "Lime".

This project may become my at-work knitting because it is easy to pick up and put down. An inch or two at lunch everyday, an hour-long meeting here and there, and the blanket will be done in no time.


Toni said...

Sometimes mindless knitting is the ONLY way to go!!! As soon as I finish the test knit & the swoopies I'm doing something in garter stitch--I don't even care what it is!

PS. If you ever make it all the way through that cast on video, let me know how many glasses of wine had to be involved. My gut feeling is 2, but there could be more needle to finger dialog, in which case it may require something stronger....

Michele said...

Thanks for the comment! You should totally cast on for Wisp-- easy-peasy.

Nice mindless knitting can be really soothing!

quiltyknitwit said...

I like how it looks so far.