Sunday, June 22, 2008

Where's the Remote?!?

Not the TV remote. The remote to the garage door opener.

My daughter and her husband borrowed my car for a road trip. I'm using the son-in-law's Jeep, which I took for a short spin today (to The Scoop, if you must know - I needed ice cream). That's when I realized I had left the remote for the garage door opener in my car, the car that is somewhere between here and the east coast right now.

I am very left brained, so I expected the second remote to be somewhere logical, but I wasn't sure where that logical place would be. Aha! With the batteries! And I even have a battery that looks like it will work (A23 12V) but it doesn't. I even found the operator manual but it is of no help. And the company's website is no help, either. Tomorrow I will have to call. I know this remote worked once upon a time, but that was years ago. Surely they don't go stale?

Here are two books I've been meaning to mention:

Knitalong: Celebrating the Tradition of Knitting Together, by Larissa Brown and Martin John Brown. Everything you ever wanted to know about knitalongs (KALs), and then some. And patterns! Written in an engaging style, with great photos.

Dyer Consequences, a Knitting Mystery by Maggie Sefton. One of a series. Not great literature, but I can't quit reading it until I know who the murderer is. Good beach reading. Pattern and recipe included.

Because of scattered thunderstorms, I achieved more knitting this weekend than I anticipated, all on the Sitcom Chic. The body is up to the armpits and I have started one sleeve. Visions of completing this before I go on vacation, which means I will need something else to work on in the car. I'm not close to being finished and I am already planning the next project. Just like a knitter.

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