Sunday, June 01, 2008

Brain Fart

A while back, I knitted a variety of things with some Caron Simply Soft that I swear was baby or sport weight. I liked it for the premie caps, so I bought some more when it was on sale. Yesterday, looking for something simple and portable to take to an event, I pulled out the yarn and discovered that what I bought was not baby weight but worsted weight. What to do, what to do?

Well, how about casting on a One Skein Baby Cardigan?

The pattern is from an advanced beginner class class I took at Cass Street Depot, and was designed exclusively for them by Jackie Young. It's a great little project for learning sweater design without having to work through six skeins of yarn. When I took the class, I was just returning to knitting and felt pretty clueless. (Why were those women using circular needles? And why did they smile so knowingly when I asked? And, my god, I'm the only one not keeping up!) Now, I am savvy enough to use circs and to knit both sides of the front at the same time. Aren't I a big girl now!

This week is the all-employee event at work, an outdoor picnic with softball, flag football, cornhole (a.k.a. Hoosier horse shoes), dunk tanks for charity, etc. My bifocals rule out ball handling and my shoulders aren't much for throwing things, so I plan to sit in the shade and knit. What knits well in warm weather?

Hopefully, cotton.


Debbie said...

I love that blue! It's almost a purple blue.

I protect the garden with plastic mesh fencing that was really cheap. I use raised beds, and nailed pieces of lattice (also very cheap) to the corners of the beds and wrapped them with the plastic mesh fencing.

S. said...

Hi. I'm leaving a comment on this dated post because I am a Woman on a Mission.
I used to visit Cass Street whenever I was in town, back in the late 90s. Were you there then? Asking because Jackie Young had a pattern I believe she had written, that I've never been able to find since. Plus, she was a pretty neat person I wouldn't mind saying hi to. If you know her, could you point me in her direction?

You should have my email from the log-in function. I'll monitor this post as well.

Either way, thanks for your time.

bittenbyknittin said...

Hi S - Well, I feel dumb because I cannot figure out where your email address is in Blogger.

Cass Street Yarn Depot was a long time ago, so I am a little vague about who worked there. I do remember one employee - very thin - who I ran into in Indianapolis, where she was working at the Knit Stop ( after Cass Street closed.

The depot building is now Fort Wayne Outfitters (, and I think the business is owned by the son(?) of the woman who owned the yarn business.

I hope this helps you - good luck!