Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Fun in a box, and I can't believe it.

Simply Socks has some soon-to-be-discontinued sock yarn on sale, at a price too stupidly low to ignore.

Knitting socks with self-striping yarn is fun, even when using a generic sock pattern.  I find ONline stripes to be a bit muddy, but these look like they will be crisp and clean.  Also, some manly colors!

Meanwhile, I finished knitting the purple socks with about a yard of yarn to spare.

I kept telling myself I would knit until I ran out, then gauge my panic by how close to the toe I was.  But I never ran out.  Incredible!

And then, since I had a meeting today at work, I started another pair.

My SO picked up a copy of The Joy of Sox at the library.  This pattern is called Quickie Socks (yes, all the pattern names consist of sexual innuendos) and is knit in worsted.  I can't recall reading about this book anywhere, even though it has a little essay by Crazy Aunt Purl about her "first time"... knitting socks.  The book has knitting how-to's, but it also includes some interesting asides, like how to decipher the color repeats in hand-dyed yarn.  Very interesting.  And the book is spiral bound.  I wish all knitting books were spiral bound.


Wanderingcatstudio said...

Wow - that's cutting it close on the those socks!

Lida said...

Fun to read blog and your garden blog is great too.

Anonymous said...

I quickly purchased some of the yarn, and indulged in some Dream In Color Smooshy, too. Can't wait to see what the purple socks look like!

checat said...

I really like you blog. I am going to follow it =-) Here is a link to mine if you wanna follow mine as well.