Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Almost Made It

This morning I got out of bed at the usual time, drank coffee, walked the dog, took a shower, but halfway through dressing, I pooped out. Maybe I just need something to eat, I reasoned. Halfway through my yogurt-and-banana parfait, my tummy said, No mas. Then I kind of crashed. Another sick day. It's nice not to be at work, but boring when I don't feel well enough to do anything, even knit.

I did come up with a blog idea, though. The Yarn Harlot uses her blog and celebrity to invite knitters to contribute to Doctors Without Borders. She calls the donors "Knitters Without Borders" and tracks the donations. She has raised a lot of money this way, over $300,000 this year alone.

Even though I am not well known, I thought maybe I could invite my blog readers (all three of you) to contribute to one of my favorite charities, Heifer International. What I like best about this organization is they help people help themselves by giving them livestock, and those helped agree to pass on the gift by donating offspring of their gift to others in their community.

Also, it is kind of fun to pick out the animal (cow, pig, sheep, etc.) you wish your donation to fund. They even have a "knitting basket" of four wool-bearing animals. And if you cannot afford a whole animal or basket of animals, you can "buy" a share.

So let's start small (to save me embarrassment in case no one responds) and raise $120 for one sheep, by Christmas 2007. One share is $10, so if 12 people pledge one share, we can donate one sheep. If you decide to donate, send me an email at bittenbyknittinATyahooDOTcom with the dollar amount.

Any ideas for a cute name for us?

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Ally said...

I hope you feel better!

That organization reminds me of the movie "Year of the Dog" with Molly Shannon. I won't spoil it for you in case you've not watched it, but she goes a little nuts and gets obsessed with animal rights. It's a really cute movie.