Saturday, March 29, 2008

Black Swamp Spinner's Guild Market Day

When we stepped into the building at the fairgrounds in Bowling Green, OH, I was nearly overcome by wool fumes. Or so I thought. Later on I realized that wooly-headed feeling was actually from the handmade scented soap near the door. That did not detract from my excitement, though. Yarn! I barely knew where to start.

I meant to do some homework beforehand and find patterns from my pattern stash that are in need of yarn, but neglected to do so. That left me reluctant to pick out a sweater's worth of skeins. But sock yarn doesn't count as stash enhancement, does it? I found some semi-solids and could not make up my mind over which color, so I bought all three that were whispering my name.

These were at a bargain price because they are the first attempts at hand-dyeing of the woman whose name I neglected to get. She is planning to offer them online, though, so keep an eye out for

When I go to fiber fests, I like to buy something unusual, so I picked up this skein of Sea Silk by Hand Maiden.

It's 70% silk, 30% Seacell. Seacell is developed by Smartfiber and they make a lot of claims about this fiber, including that it will enhance one's feeling of well-being. We'll see about that! The yarn came with a scarf pattern, and it will look great with a deep purple summer shift of mine.

Other items I picked up:

I can't seem to locate my little pair of Fiskars, so I bought these from a vendor selling re-enactment do-dads. (I can't find the sheet listing the vendors - sorry!)

Wooden buttons from the same vendor.

Pewter buttons from the same vendor. I'm starting a button collection.

There was also a lot of roving and homespun and spindles and dyes and pattern books, etc. I fought off the temptation to invest in some spinning supplies because, although we watched the demos, I just don't quite get how it works. I think there is a spinning guild here too, so I will have to try to hook up with them so someone can teach me one-on-one. Besides, with summer coming (yes, it is - really!) I'm a little hesitant about taking on one more activity.

While we were in Bowling Green, we decided to check out the LYS's but it was not to be. Both the Loving Traditions Yarn Shoppe and Kathy's Quality Yarns are no longer in business. I had found these two stores through Google and one is still listed at KnitMap, so I guess the lesson learned here is to call ahead. Not that we begrudged seeing downtown Bowling Green - it looks like a lovely town - but we might have made other plans if we had known.

Knowing I would be gone most of the day today, I took yesterday off to do my usual Saturday chores. But now I can't shake the feeling I should be going to work tomorrow. Time to chill with some knitting.

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