Thursday, November 06, 2008

Disappointed in Me

While updating my blog template, I noticed that I have not accomplish any of the things listed under "Learn in 2008". Other than my half-assed attempt at spinning, nary a one was even contemplated in any depth. Not that I did not knit (see "FO's in 2008".) I just did not try anything really new.

It's not entirely me fault, though. There are so many intriguing patterns and gorgeous yarns, it is difficult to see beyond them.

And then there are the UFO's, many of which have been sitting in the sidebar for at least a year. Unlike some of us, I lack the discipline to stick with self-imposed rules. My rebellious nature fights my inner adult as well.

The past two years I have been successful at keeping my New Year's Resolutions, though. Maybe I can work some knitting goals into this year's resolution.

Update on Betsy: She continues to feel better - her appetite is improved, she is back to barking at nothing again, and there has been further reduction in the swollen lymph nodes - but she is still stiff. Before her ACL surgery, she had x-rays which showed insignificant amounts of arthritis, so it's not that. She has lost muscle mass, though, so I think she is just incredibly out of shape from laying around for the past seven weeks. She is not a high energy dog to begin with, so it doesn't take much for her to give in to total inertia. (Like owner, like dog?) So I'm trying some gentle doggie massage and PT. She loves the extra attention. (Don't we all!)


flurrious said...

Yay for Betsy!

I only had one resolution this year and that was not to buy any books because I have nearly 200 unread ones in my house. I managed not to buy anything new by just adding things to my Amazon wish list; on the other hand, I haven't made too terribly much progress on the big stacks of unread books either.

Toni said...

:) It's a tad bit easier to get on a WIP marathon when you run out of knitting needles.....:)

Noelle said...

There's still plenty of time to learn new things. Cat surgery, for instance! Imagine the savings...

Laurie said...

Your resolutions to learn in 2008 were very ambitious. They weren't just one step learning processes, and would have required lots of time. You could take pride in all the 2008 FOs!