Sunday, November 23, 2008

On, Dashing!

How did I wind up with two cable projects at the same time? I think I remember wanting some cable practice, in preparation for a cable-y sweater. Be careful what you wish for.

Fingerless mitts are an easy project (except for the thumbs), sort of like socks without the heel turn or Kitchener stitch. Dashing is broken into sections by the cabling, so it has also easy to pick up and put down. But now I am in the homestretch, heading for the finger tips.

The cables make the wrists kind of snug, to the point of impeding circulation. I hope blocking will relax them a bit.

Scarves go on forever, especially if they are supposed to be 80 inches long and even more so if one is not sure how to bind off cables while doing a diagonal decrease. Regarding the latter, I did not like how my first attempt turned out. I tried to just rip back to where the diagonal bind off started but discovered that the yarn wanted to cling to itself, almost as bad as Kidsilk Haze. Eventually, I tinked back, row after row, then more rows because tinking cables is a bit tricky and I kept dropping stitches. That was how I spent Friday night. Saturday afternoon I recovered and finished the scarf. I decided to soak 'n block, hoping to make the yarn bloom more and to soften it a bit.

Once it is dry, all that remains is to weave in the ends.

The above projects are xmas gifts that need to be mailed, so I have been concentrating on them instead of finishing Sitcom Chic.

As you may recall, I ripped back to the armpits to make the sleeves and body longer. In the process of lengthening the body, I also increased the width a bit. When I re-attached the sleeves, though, I forgot about the increased body width and set them in their old location. This error actually turned out to be a good thing. My shoulders are kind of broad and rounded, so this gives the sweater more room where I need it. Serendipity, baby!

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