Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Back to Portland

The annual Fiber Fest and Spin-in in Portland (Jay County) occurred last weekend. Per usual, I spent too much money but not as much as I could have. (Just say NO to the 19 micron merino in gorgeous, GORGEOUS red-red-red. Oh, and HOT pink, too.)

One fun aspect of frequenting local fiber arts festivals is, many of the vendors are becoming old friends. One bad thing about that is, I feel obligated to make purchases at their booths. Fortunately, they were selling what I was looking for.

Solid colored sock yarn, in this case naturally dyed, walnut on the left, sandalwood on the right, from Little Shop of Spinning.

Roving "rose" in pre-selected colors, from the Big Red Barn.

But there were other vendors (whose names I did not get) to buy from as well. This BFL roving came from the same booth as the above mentioned merino.

Packages of sparkly samples (for blending) were available from several vendors.

And there was pie!

I also took the intermediate spinning class. At the last minute, there was an instructor switch, but it worked out okay. We each got help with our individual spinning challenges, plus we learned to do the "supported long draw" method of spinning to augment the "inch worm" method we all learned originally.

Two hours in a metal folding chair was all my back could take, so I packed up a little early and headed home. In the pre-DST dark. On highways with buggy lanes. Fortunately, the few Amish buggies I encountered had flashing tail lights.


elns said...

Oh sounds like a good time, except for the metal folding chair back ache. ugh. Love your purchases :)

Wanderingcatstudio said...

The yarn and fleece look lovely!