Wednesday, April 30, 2008

A Little Better

Is yarn storage a never-ending battle for you? I don't have that much yarn (said the Queen of Denial) but somehow the stash never gets tamed. I am ever hopeful, however, and because the wire shelving was not working for me, I tried a new tactic:

That's the nine-cube storage unit that was on sale at Target last week. It assembled quite easily, and I bought some of the cloth drawers to hide the plastic bags of wool. See the knitting books in the open cubbies? And the sock blockers hanging overhead? The little drawer units hold needles and buttons and other sundries. The notebooks are full of patterns. (Someday we need to discuss how one stores ones patterns.)

To the left are a couple of baskets I assembled from the wire shelving, full of non-wool yarn that is project-bound. Well, except for the bottom one, which you can't really see - it's full of papers. Some day I will have to excavate that pile of wood pulp, but not right now.

The Sea Silk scarf is still scarfing and the pinwheel sweater is still pinwheeling, but I'm getting the itch to knit me some lacy socks.

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