Thursday, May 01, 2008

Code inda Noze

I'm home with the spring cold that seems to be making the rounds at work. These particular germs are courtesy of my boss. I told him I wanted to be sick enough to miss work but not be incapacitated. Apparently, those are mutually exclusive, as I am not making very good use of the day away.

I try to knit, but keep mixing up the knit rounds and the purl rounds on the pinwheel sweater.

I did manage to get it off the needles and onto me for a quick fitting. The armholes feel small, but that is probably due to the stitch holders. It is large enough across the back and overlaps by an inch in the front, so that is okay. But I am going to continue a few more rounds, to see if I can get a little more coverage in front. This is such an odd sweater, from a practical standpoint: a nice shawl collar to keep one's neck warm, a long back to protect the tush, then hardly any coverage up front. I guess this one is about the construction.

Time for a nap.

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