Thursday, May 29, 2008

Could Not Resist

At work, the dress code is "business casual" which means about anything. Usually I wear slacks, but today I dressed up a bit so I could wear the Montego Bay Sea Silk scarf. I had fun futzing around with it: I spread it over my shoulders like a narrow shawl, wrapped it around my neck once and tied it low, wrapped it around several times, etc. But I had to be careful in the restroom or the ends would have received a baptism in the toilet!

Last week we had a carry-in (that's Hoosier talk for potluck) at work, and there was a Crock Pot with a little crocheted cover for the lid handle. It looks a little like a mini-sombrero and keeps your fingers from getting burned when lifting the lid. Well, the owner of the Crock Pot later approached me about trying to duplicate the mini-sombrero, so I have been playing with that a bit. The design looks very simple, but duplicating it is not quite so easy. I'm beginning to suspect that the original is of wool and that over the years it has felted a bit.

The rest of the knitting report is rather ho-hum. At lunch, I try to get two inches done on the Big Bad Baby Blanket. At night, I knit ten rounds on the remaining Pinwheel sweater sleeve. And right now a striped burp rag is inviting me to do a few rows before bed. But first, bunny chores.

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