Sunday, May 11, 2008


Next weekend is Women's Weekend. Someone knitting at WW several years ago inspired me to take up the needles again. I expect to do me some knitting at this WW, but the cabin where we stay is nestled amongst the trees and shrubs, and is not well-lit inside. And we talk. A lot. So I need some easy-to-knit things that can be knit in the semi-dark.

That rules out the current Embossed Leaves sock project:

A lace pattern plus dark yarn won't work. I'll just make mistakes and exhaust my vocabulary cursing.

The Pinwheel sweater is a possibility...

... but only if I complete the edging and get a sleeve started. The edging is a challenge to stay with because either the two yarns get confused as to where they need to be in relation to the needles and the loops, or whatever needle I am not clutching has a tendency to slip its stitches and leap bare naked to the floor. This struggle is why my cursing vocabulary is running dry.

The Seasilk scarf is definitely going...

... but it is so close to completion that it will not last long once I hunker down in the cabin.

What to do, what to do? Big Bad Baby Blanket? Ski Beanie? IU socks? Hmmmm.

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