Sunday, May 25, 2008

I Was Wrong

The day before the race is the perfect time to visit Indianapolis, especially the Indiana State Museum. We had a peaceful time examining the quilts (mostly Amish) and knit/lacework (more art than craft). One of the displays was video from microRevolt. Besides raising the profile of sweatshop abuses, the website includes a free software program that translates digital images into knitting patterns.

There was a parade going on downtown, but our Mapquest directions (or the wrong turns we made) skirted the activity, so after the museum, we were able to wend our way over to the Knit Stop. The Knit Stop is one honkin' yarn store, one of the few LYS's that carry sweater-quantities of many, many yarns. Many, many fine yarns. I petted the qiviut ($$$) and the cashmere ($$$), and interviewed several candidates for the Dollar-and-a-Half Cardigan. In the end, however, all I bought was a skein of Rowan Denim, in natural, so I can make a striped burp rag. I guess having two sweaters in the queue is enough for now.

Then we ate at P.F. Chang's (highly recommended, especially the crisply green beans appetizer, which is sort of like a blooming onion but lighter and crunchier and spicier) before heading home. I worked on the baby bib in the car, and it occurred to me that denim yarn might make a good alternative to a linen blend for the Dollar-and-a-Half Cardigan. What do you think?

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