Saturday, October 04, 2008

Break Out the Handknits

I have not been able to park my car in the garage because it (the garage, not the car) is full of everything that was displaced by the room addition, and now that the temps are a bit frosty at night, I need knitted mitts between my hands and the steering wheel. Not quite ready for hats and scarves, though.

The yarn did run out on the Hedgerow socks, thanks to my shenanigans. I will have to get creative with the toes to finish up, which may result in something whacky looking, so I am glad these are for me. The socks are taking a little time out until I decide what to do.

Which gives me a good excuse to knit away on the Sitcom Chic. I am feeling much better about the Four Seasons yarn than I did about the Pima Tencel. The cotton in it gives the knitted fabric body while the wool softens it. No second guessing this time around (knock on wood!)

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