Tuesday, October 14, 2008


It seems like someone in the cafeteria at work is playing Russian Roulette with the ExLax. A couple of weeks ago, I blamed the chocolate chocolate chip cookie for an afternoon in the porcelain kingdom. Today the three-dollar bowl of chili went down the toilet - literally. A couple of hours later I was feeling hungry again, and against my better judgment, followed the chili with a seventy-five cent Snickers bar. Tonight's toast appears to be sticking, but we'll wait a while before taking Betsy on her therapy walk. On a brighter note, my sinuses feel better. If it's not one end, it's the other.

Proof that I have been knitting:

This Sitcom Chic is working out much better than my previous attempt. The body is up to the armpits and one sleeve is close to being the three-quarter length the pattern describes but I am going to make it longer. I'm not a three-quarter length kind of person, plus this sleeve as is is too tight for my fleshy arms.

Today was not a good cable-knitting day, but I still managed to add a couple of inches to Elbac.

I'm tempted to slow down on this a bit, just to show a friend of mine at WW in November that scarves don't have to be boring.

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Olivia Fey said...

I love the way the scarf is turning out!