Tuesday, October 14, 2008

I Can Quit Anytime

I week or so ago, I was trying to remember what my New Year's Resolution had been this year. Senior moment - I had to look it up on my own blog. Oh, yeah, manage my vacation time better and include a do-thing vacation. Well, that is exactly what we are doing next week - a do-nothing vacation. My SO and I will transport our tired but restless butts to southern Illinois with no plans whatsoever for what to do when we get there (other than see my son who lives there).

I am so ready for a vacation from my job, from my house, from my pets. For a couple of crazy moments, I even contemplated making it a vacation from knitting. Ha-ha-ha-ha-ha! Besides, it will be a seven-hour drive and I am more willing to share wheel time if I have something to do, like knitting.

Which projects should I take? Well, Sitcom Chic is a no-brainer. It's mostly sockinette, so won't require juggling instructions and sticky notes. Elbac is halfway done, and with its reversible cables, would serve as an alternative. And Tropical Treat, all garter, all the time, is another candidate for the drive, despite the four colors of yarn to wrangle. And I think I will draw the line there. If I finish all three of those in the course of five days, it will be a miracle because, even though we have no plans, one of those non-plans is NOT to spend all day, everyday knitting.

I don't get to read as much as I like, so I am known to take along a tote bag of books and magazines on vacation. Unless I am on a plane, they rarely even get opened, because, well, there are things to do and when there are no things to do, I usually knit, and if I am tired of knitting, I am usually too tired to do much of anything.

The laptop was also a brief candidate for being left behind. Where we are going, we will not have Wifi in the room. However, it will be available in the lodge, and even the best of travelling companions need an occasional moment or two of alone time. And there will be photos to download and maybe blog about. We'll see.

Hmmm. I wonder if there are any yarn shops along the way.

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flurrious said...

I am way late with this, but ... Have Fun! (You're probably back by now.)