Monday, October 13, 2008

Personal Trainer to the Dog

Betsy the Bionic Dog is healing very slowly from her ACL surgery to my way of thinking, but the vets say she is doing fine. They don't see her sleeping 24/7 or hear her whimpering when she does get up off her pillow. We have a little physical therapy to do - bicycle movements for her "new" joint - but we have also been taking a couple of short walks each day, which seem to be helping. The vets warned me to keep her on leash, worried that she would get rambunctious, but they don't know Betsy. We are already the dog walking spectacle of the neighborhood because she always trails behind. And now she really lags, moving as slowly as she can without standing still. The walks have become opportunities for me to practice walking meditation with a poop bag.

My knitting is progressing a little faster than the dog walking. During my lunch hour I doggedly (HA) work on Elbac (which I finally realized is "cable" spelled backwards), and in the evening it's Sitcom Chic while I listen to The Subtle Knife, the sequel to The Golden Compass. I reworked the toes in the Hedgerow socks and still ran short of yarn, so they are taking another time out.

And I am still recovering from my "bug". My teeth hurt, so I suspect sinusitis, which supposedly is not to be treated with antibiotics anymore since it is caused by a virus, but what does one do in the meantime? Besides take Advil and Sudafed? Ooh - maybe sushi with wasabi! I'll have to try that for lunch tomorrow.


Toni said...

A vet once warned me that when my old cat, Catanova, lost his appetite, it would be time to put him to sleep. Obviously, the vet had never met Catanova, who continued to want to eat even when he could neither see or smell.

Bad socks! Definitely send them to the time out bin!

LizzieK8 said...

Try hot compresses for sinusitis. Rice bags heated in the microwave or even hot washcloths to help them drain. Sudafed, the real stuff, is a great help, too.