Tuesday, October 28, 2008

How Lucky Can I Get?

Facing three days of training this week, I was looking for something small and inconspicuous that I might work on during class. I didn't know if the instructor would mind, but I decided I'd rather be prepared. Sitcom Chic and Tropical Treat are too bulky, Elbac a little too futzy because of the cables. Maybe now would be a good time to start a pair of Lucky IU socks for my son.

It took me a while to find the yarn that I just knew was in the stash somewhere - Washable Wool by Moda Dea. I bought it specifically for this project but it's worsted weight so I wasn't sure where it would be. Well, by golly, it was in the drawer with the sock yarn! My stash is more organized than I thought.

I planned to do these socks in two colors, red (crimson) and white (cream). In my pattern stash, I found a Lion Brand pattern with stripes on the leg, and I decided I could just wing the heel and toe. Usually I drop a needle size, but for some reason I am short on US4's, so I went with the recommended US5's. Looking back, this is a good idea.

Okay. Yarn - check. Pattern - check. Needles - check. Last night I even cast on and worked the ribbing. All I needed now was a compliant instructor.

This morning I kept my knitting hidden away until a pause during a group exercise when I decided it was safe to pull it out. To my surprise, the instructor marched over to me and exclaimed, "I wish I could knit socks!" Turns out she is a knitter too, but she hasn't mastered knitting in the round yet. I knew I was safe when she said she drove her college professors nuts by knitting in class. And as an instructor herself, she appreciates how engaging all the senses can enhance the learning experience.

So I made some progress.

I'm going to cast on sock #2 tonight so I will have plenty to keep my hands busy the next two days.

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