Saturday, October 25, 2008

Happy Birthday to Me

You know how you lose track of what day it is when you are on vacation? If my daughter had not called to wish me a happy one and had my son not remembered either, my birthday would have passed unnoticed by me.

While I missed out on Rhinebeck this year (I think I was the only one not there), I did find an LYS on the way to southern Illinois. River Wools in Terre Haute has quite an extensive selection of great yarns. I have been in the market for some Euroflax as I want to make a Mason-Dixon Bubbly Curtain for my kitchen window.

The "pure white" skeins are for the curtain, the multicolored skein for another M-D project, the Moss Grid Hand Towel.

Aloo is from Himalaya Yarn, made in Nepal from the Himalayan nettle plant. It feels like rough linen.

I plan to use it for a string bag and/or a wash mitt.

If yarn was not birthday treat enough, when I got back to town, my daughter presented me with this book...

... and flowers...

...and a fajita dinner (with beer!), which I wolfed down before thinking to take a picture. I should be the one treating her, though, as she kept Betsy while I was gone.

Next time: vacation knitting.


Toni said...

Happy birthday!

flurrious said...

Happy birthday!

zoom said...

Happy Birthday a little bit late. That's crazy that you almost forgot it!