Friday, January 02, 2009

Looking backwards and forwards at the same time

While migrating the items from the FO list in the sidebar to an FO list as a posting (what a PITA! I need to figure out a different way to keep track of completed projects. As if Ravelry were not enough), I had the opportunity to reflect on knitting accomplishments in 2008 and knitting goals for 2009.

The first thing that became obvious is, in 2008 I bought more yarn than I knit. While my stash is not out of control, it still bothers me. Unknit yarn is like a big woolly to-do list that constantly nags the back of my mind.

Another characteristic of my 2008 yarn habit is that I did not do anything really new. I made a half-assed attempt to learn to spin. I knit a bag that has yet to be felted. My garden now includes some plants that could be used for dyeing. I knit a fair amount, but nothing that involved any new techniques. There is nothing wrong with that, but I am the type of person who likes to broaden their horizons a bit. I had big plans to do just that. But I didn't.

My most successful project of 2008 was Sitcom Chic, a sweater I wear every chance I get. The biggest project was probably the Pinwheel sweater, which came close to being classified as a failure because it looked awful on me. Fortunately, it found its true owner. We always knit for someone; we just don't always know who.

I learned that some yarns do not block well, e.g. anything with acrylic or nylon. I learned that sometimes a yarn must find its own pattern and needle size and type. I learned that February is the longest month of the year. And I learned that sometimes projects should be abandoned. Life is too short to spend it on unhappy knitting.

What is in store for 2009? I still want to learn to spin, so I am going to find myself a mentor. And I am going to include more yarn projects that stretch my skills. UFOs feel like another to-do list just waiting for some attention, so I will whittle that list down as well. And I think that is enough for one year.

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Shea said...

Good for you on sticking with the spinning. I highly suggest any class you can take. Mine really helped me get over the beginner's mess that I was making. Stick with it, you'll love it!