Monday, January 12, 2009

Finnegan Begin Again

I am enjoying my Sitcom Chic sweater so much, I decided I needed to knit myself another sweater, this time February Lady. My stash includes a sweater's worth of Peruvian wool from Elann (originally purchased for the Minimalist Cardigan but somehow forgotten), so I whipped up a swatch on US7s.

A swatch that did not meet the gauge of 18 sts per 4". But I have knit this yarn on US8s (the Pinwheel sweater) and I did not really care for the resulting fabric, so I want to stick with the US7s. At 20 sts per 4", I did some cipherin', and if I knit the XL size instead of the L size, I should be okay. The great part, though, is this is a top-down sweater, so I can try it on and make adjustments as I go. And, since I have been wanting to do more (any?) top-down knitting, this project also qualifies as learning something new, per my New Year's quasi-resolution. Oh, and horizontal one-row buttonholes. That's new, and driving me insane.

The other learn-something-new project, the toe-up socks, is in an extended time out. I just can't seem to get the hang of the short row toes. Actually, it is the P3TBL that is killing me. I tried using my new tool as a crutch, but the stitches look wrong and gappy (is that a word? spellcheck doesn't think so).

Then I started a rebound project, something simple, a cotton dishcloth using a granite stitch, but after six rows I already don't like it, so that has come to a screeching halt as well.

Which means I have only one WIP?!? Unheard of!

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Qutecowgirl said...

Very nice color for the Lady Sweater.

Just a FYI - did you read around that it grows when blocked? Mine did in length not so much in width. Of course part of this is the yarn another is the lace pattern. My sleeves and body grew in length almost 6 inches.